2006 Yasumoto Lifetime Achievement Award:

Don Anderson was awarded with the Yasumoto Lifetime Achievement Award during the XII International Conference on Harmful Algae (Copenhagen, 4-8 September 2006). Despite the fact that he still has many years ahead to continue his prolific career, the ISSHA Council recognized that he had already devoted much of his life to HABs, and there was no need to wait any longer to recognise him as one of those key figures who have shaped this field of research and our HAB society—even before it actually took off. His contribution has been not only on the scientific side, but also through communication across fields and with the public, organisation of meetings and workshops, editorial activity and political activity that have promoted this field of research at all levels.

Don Anderson, after the announcement of his Yasumoto Award 2006, receives the congratulations from some of his ex PhD and Postdoc students who attended the XII ICHA Conference (Copenhagen, 4-8 Septemebr 2006).