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Description of Pectenotoxins: FAO Food and Nutrition Papers. Note: this section includes pectenotoxins, but it is incorrectly grouped with the DSP toxins.

Pectenotoxin Structure: US FDA Bad Bug Book

Pectenotoxin: Description from Reciprocal Net

EFSA advice on the Pectenotoxin Group: European Food Safety Authority. PDF files of the Summary and of the Opinion

Purchace Pectenotoxin-2: Enzo Life Sciences

Pectenotoxin-2 Certified Reference Material: National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Marine Biosciences, Certified Reference Materials Program, Halifax, NS, Canada

Influence of processing on the levels of lipophilic marine biotoxins in bivalve molluscs: European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). PDF file of the Statement (in French only)