Bids for hosting ICHA20 in 2022 have been released

ISSHA members in good standing will be able to vote online for the venue before and during ICHA18.

Bids should include the following information:

  • Scientists and organizations who will serve as local hosts, including evidence of their prior expertise in the organization and financial management of similar-sized international conferences.
  • Description of the meeting venue and capacity of meeting space for a 5-day meeting, including a plenary room, 2 rooms for simultaneous sessions and several small rooms for administrative use and other necessities. Estimated participation is between 400 and 600 people, but sometimes there are surprises, as was the case during the 10th ICHA (St Pete Beach, Florida), with around 800 participants.
  • Availability of accommodations at a range of costs, including the number of rooms, distance from the meeting location, and room costs for high and low seasons. If university residence or other inexpensive accommodation is available for students, this will be considered favorably.
  • Distance of meeting and lodging facilities from major airport(s) and cost of transportation between airport and meeting and lodging facilities.
  • Availability of local public transportation.
  • Expected cost of lunches per day.
  • Availability and distance to restaurants for lunches.
  • Expected level of local support and associated funding, including ability to provide meeting space, audiovisual support, and staff support, at no cost to the international organizers.
  • Dates when the facility would be available in 2020.
  • Plans for mid-week excursions and accompanying persons’ activities.
  • HAB scientists who would be responsible for editing the ICHA proceedings1, including evidence of their prior experience in producing English-language conference proceedings.

Enquiries and bids should be e-mailed to the President of ISSHA ([email protected]). Bids should be limited to 2-3 pages, plus supplementary illustrations and web links. Information on the previous ICHA venues can be found at the ISSHA website (, by clicking on the “Conferences” navigation button on the left-hand column. Bids will be examined by the ISSHA Council and posted on the ISSHA website.


Traditionally, ICHA proceedings have been edited by a group led by the head of the local organizing committee. If the local hosts are not willing to continue this practice, they can ask the ISSHA Committee on Publications and Dissemination to take it over, BUT the money earmarked for the proceedings (in the registration fee) would have to be transferred to ISSHA for the printing and dispatching of the books.