Join Ifremer for your Post-Doc!

Ifremer offers funding for postdoctoral research positions.

For the year 2021, Ifremer offers a dozen post-doctoral contracts for a period of 18 months to researchers proposing innovative projects that are consistent with the three main themes below:

  • Protect and restore the ocean.
  • Sustainably use marine resources to benefit society.
  • Create and share ocean data, information & knowledge.

HAB-related research may fall under “Sustainably use marine resources to benefit society” and “Protect and restore the seas and oceans” (but not exclusively).

For more information about the themes, see application/pdf Appendix A and the website:

The gross salary is around 34200 euros/year, and which might be increased if you have post-doctoral experiences after your PhD.

The postdoctoral fellowship is only allocated for the candidate’s salary. The financial requirements linked to the research proposition must be taken from the Departments/Units/Laboratory budget and for this reason it would be appropriate to contact the potential host laboratory prior to applying for a position. You can find Ifremer laboratories working on HABs at this link: (browse e.g. for PHYC, PELAGOS, LER-XY, MARBEC, LEMAR).

Candidates must not have conducted their PhD or postdoc with Ifremer prior to this opportunity and preference will be given to candidates with a PhD or postdoc conducted outside France.

Deadline for applications 19 January 2021!