Elin Lindehoff

Elin Lindehoff is an assistant professor at Linnæus University in Kalmar, Sweden where she teaches undergraduate courses in Marine Ecology and is a member of the Marine Phytoplankton Ecology and Applications research group. Her interest in HAB ecology started during her PhD where she studied the importance of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) for HAB formation and toxicity. In on-going projects she studies N utilization of dinoflagellate blooms in the coastal Baltic Sea, coupled to algae-bacteria interactions and the facilitation of nutrient uptake by the release of allelochemicals. Further, she is interested in how HABs affects the food web efficiency in a changing Baltic Sea and how the transfer of energy and essential micronutrients in the Baltic food web is influenced by blooms of filamentous cyanobacteria. She is passionate about science communication and raising awareness and interest in younger generations for the conditions of our oceans and the state of the Baltic Sea.