Po Teen Lim (Malaysia)

Po Teen Lim is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Malaya, Malaysia. He is currently heading Bachok Marine Research Station. He received his Ph.D. from Kitasato University, Japan, after completing his research on growth physiology and saxitoxin production of tropical toxic Alexandrium tamiyavanichii and A. minutum. He has made over 100 research papers and presented more than 150 papers in the national and international meetings. Since 2008, he and his research team have conducted a comprehensive study on amnesic shellfish toxin-producing diatom Pseudo-nitzschia, documented 40 species in Malaysian waters, with description of eight new species, and assess the risk of ASP in Malaysian waters. He also plays an instrumental role in development of key to species and database of Pseudo-nitzschia and other HAB species. He is actively involved in research and capacity development in the country and Western Pacific region, particularly through his involvement in the scientific steering committee of UNESCO-IOC WESTPAC-HAB and WESTPAC-TMO (e.g IOC WESTPAC Training workshop on Pseudo-nitzschia, National Training workshop on HABs and Biotoxin 2008, 2009, 2014, 2016, SEAFDEC training workshop on HABs 2017, 2018). He is also a member of the scientific steering committee of IOC SCOR GLOBALHAB Program. Currently, he serves as editorial member in several journals and regional editor for Harmful Algae News (HANs).

Wayne Litaker (USA)

With a degree in oceanography from Duke University, Wayne Litaker took a career detour and served as a faculty member in Program in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of North Carolina Medical School for 14 years. However, his innate curiosity and early love of plankton and coastal ecology brought him back to the coast in 2002, when he joined NOAA’s Beaufort Lab. Since then he has worked with the HAB group to apply his molecular skills and marine ecology background to address issues concerning the ecology, taxonomy, molecular biology and detection of harmful algal bloom species and their toxins. The work done by this group has been recognized with the Provasoli Award and Tyge Christiansen Prize. He has served on the Journal of Phycology editorial board, has authored more than 100 publications and his outstanding service has been recognized by the US Department of Commerce Gold Medal.