PhD position studying parasitic infections on phytoplankton

The Department of Biological Oceanography at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemu╠łnde (IOW) invites applications for a Ph.D. position.

The IOW is an independent research institute within the Leibniz Association, engaged in system analysis of coastal and marginal seas, with special focus on the Baltic Sea. The scientists at the four departments (Biological Oceanography, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation) cooperate within the framework of a joint research program.

The position will be associated with a Junior Research Group, focusing on microbial oceanography and biogeochemistry, with particular interest in microbial interactions in plankton communities.

Project and job description

The project will focus on microbial interactions between phytoplankton, fungi and bacteria. We will particularly study parasitic infections on phytoplankton, and their effects on microbial interactions, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem functioning. The methodology will span from single-cell to mesoscale flux measurements using biogeochemical, microbiological and molecular tools. These tools include stable-isotope incubations, mass spectrometry (e.g., GC-IRMS, EA- IRMS, and nanoSIMS), microscopy, marker-gene sequencing, fluorescence-in-situ- hybridization and nutrient analyses, which will be applied on laboratory-grown co- cultures and field-sampled plankton communities.

The candidate will be responsible for growing the relevant isolates in culture as well as for conducting field-going sampling (including sea-going expeditions incubation experiments, sample analyses, computational data analyses, and finally drafting the study outcome for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

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