International seminar series on dinophytes

Because of the current pandemic, we have been unable to meet each other. This is a shame because such meetings are crucial to keep our community connected.

To overcome this, in line with the DINO/ICHA-conferences, we invite you to participate in our biweekly 20 minute seminars + 10 minute questions via ZOOM, starting in May 2021. This can be about anything related to dinophytes / dinocysts (for example about taxonomy, phylogeny, evolution, life-history, toxins, pigments, transcriptomics, (paleo)ecology, stratigraphy, functional traits, …). We’ll try to choose timeslots that are convenient with your time zone.

If you would like to attend these seminars or present such a seminar, please contact [email protected], and we’ll provide you the necessary information.

We specifically ask postdocs, PhD students, MSc students to propose seminars. This is a good way to showcase your research to a group of specialists.

The organising committee (Kenneth Mertens, Vera Pospelova and Marc Gottschling)