ISSHA Council Committees, 2021-2023

1. Statutes and Bylaws

Chair and members: Ian Jenkinson (Chair), Henrik Enevoldsen, Rosa Figueroa, Vera Trainer

Tasks: Document of statement of ISSHA (definition, objectives, rules) and its global organization


• Keep an open dialogue with ISSHA Council and membership to compile suggested amendments to improve/update current rules.

• Prepare amended drafts for voting before ISSHA General Assembly

2. Elections

Chair and members: Wayne Litaker (Chair), Ian Jenkinson, Luiz Mafra, Carolin Peter

Tasks: Solicit nominations from the membership for the new Executive Board and Council


• Provide any updates to nomination procedures and deadlines on the ISSHA website

• Prepare email circular to ISSHA members soliciting nominations 6 months before elections and send reminders before deadline which is 5 months before elections

• Contact nominees to get their acceptance, 1-page bio and a photo for posting to the website.

• Prepare circular and ballot for electronic voting for new Executive and Council members within 1 month of the ICHA conference

• Compile results of elections to be presented at the next ISSHA general Assembly.

• Post the election results on the ISSHA website

3. Memberships

Chair and members: Elin Lindehoff (Chair), Christine Band-Schmidt, Philipp Hess, Ian Jenkinson, Aifeng Li, Carolin Peter, Vera Trainer

Tasks: Increase membership numbers; retain existing members


• This is a permanent activity. Should include preparation of posters on the Society, its dissemination at national, regional and international meetings and conferences; circulars to old members that did not renew their membership and to potential new ones, etc.

• Manage memberships through the ISSHA web site

• Assist members with their subscriptions

• Communicate news to the society, keep up the ISSHA mailing list

4. Finances

Chair and members: Nina Lundholm (Chair), Henrik Enevoldsen, Wayne Litaker

Tasks: Accounts of the Society budget (Treasurer) Decisions on fundraising for the Society Review the costs of projects that the Society wishes to undertake Act as an oversight committee for how ISSHA funds are spent.


• Prepare the accounts prior to each ICHA and present them at the ISSHA General Assembly

• Explore any other possibilities that—besides publications, membership fees and auctions—may constitute a financial source for the Society.

5. Auctions

Chair and members: Satoshi Nagai (Chair), Wayne Litaker, Carolin Peter, Lorena Duran Riveroll, Dedmer Van de Waal

Tasks: Organize the conference auction and encourage members to produce and/or get item to be auctioned/sold


• Prepare circulars, at least 6 months before the conference, to collect donations for the auction at the ICHA Conference, and advertise goods that will be available.

• Between conferences: Think about possible innovations for any kind of sales through the ISSHA webshop

• Send the letters for donations some months before the conference.

• Identify a contact from the local organizing committee (receive items, room for auction, room to place items during conference, local helpers to guard items etc)

• Organize snacks and drinks during the auction

• Upload photos of the donations in the web site

• Organize lottery with a very nice item. It was very successful the last times.

• In situ: receive the items + do a list. Items should be displayed well in advance.

• Pictures of the respective items would be shown on the screen while they are presented. I also posted photos of the items in twitter during the conference.

• People should be involved in the practical issues around the auction. Students with travel award should help in the auction and they need instructions.

• Organize with the ISSHA Treasurer the payment at auction. Payment can be by credit card or in cash (local currency or Euros or dollars) at the time of the sale. Students should be trained to do that.

6. ISSHA ICHA Conference Subcommittee

Chair and members: Wayne Litaker (Chair), Christine Band-Schmidt, Yasmine Bottein, Henrik Enevoldsen, Esther Garces, Philipp Hess, Ichiro Imai, Ian Jenkinson, Aifeng Li

Tasks: Liaise with the local organizing committee to produce the conference plan, budget and program; Assist with conference fundraising; Establish a mechanism for deciding on conference venues and registration fees


• Assist the ICHA organizer, as part of the Scientific Steering Committee, to prepare a scientifically balanced conference program

• Review and advice on the ICHA websites to reflect that ICHA’s are ISSHA conferences

• Implement the designed mechanism to accept offers of potential venues for the Conference

• Organize ISSHA members voting for the venue after the next one (in 4 y time)

7. Achievement Awards

Chair and members: Dedmer Van de Waal (Chair), Christine Band Schmidt, Yasmine Bottein, Tim Harwood, Philipp Hess, Aifeng Li, Nina Lundholm, Luiz Mafra

Tasks: Establish/revise existing rules of procedures and direct the procedure for i) Yasumoto Life Time Award; ii) Young Scientist Award; iii) Maureen Keller Award for best student presentations


• Solicit nominations for the established awards (Yasumoto, Patrick Gentien) using the form posted on the ISSHA website from ISSHA membership at least 6 months prior to the conference (with the deadline for nominations 5 months prior to the conference)

• Revise criteria for each award; post the criteria on the ISSHA website with specific eligibility requirements listed on the necessary form for nominators to fill out

• Compile nominations and prepare lists of eligible candidates to be voted by the Council

• Compile the votes by the Council at least 2 months prior to the ICHA meeting to allow time to purchase awards

• Solicit biographies of award winners and post past winners on the ISSHA website

• Liaise with the ICHA conference local organizers to have the list of students (and their abstracts) willing to participate in the Maureen Keller Award available at least 1.5 months before the conference

• Recruit ISSHA council members, session chairs and other scientists attending the conference to become referees for the Student Presentation Awards

• Liaise with the Finance Committee to purchase or acquire the awards

• Other instructions: About 10 months before the conference start to post information about Yasumoto, Gentien, Keller awards in HAN, the ICHA conference website, and other appropriate outlets.

8. Travel Awards

Chair and members: Po Teen Lim (Chair), Tim Harwood, Aifeng Li, Luiz Mafra, Lorena Duran Riveroll, Vera Trainer, Dedmer Van de Waal

Tasks: Find funding sources; raise funds; distribute funds for international travel to the HAB conferences for students, postdocs, and scientists from developing countries


• Contact potential sponsors, at least 1.5 years before the ICHA conference, to secure funds for travel awards

• Liaise with conference organizers to advertise and prepare forms for travel funding applications

• Compile applications, 6 months before the conference (or after deadline for abstract presentations) and organize them for distribution between other members of the committee

• Organize selection of granted experts according to established criteria and funds available

• Awards will be limited to a maximum of $1,000 US for foreign participant, $500 for local participants. Successful applicants will need to demonstrate that other sources of funds are available to supplement their award.

9. Publications and Dissemination

Chair and members: Christine Band-Schmidt (Chair), Esther Garces (Chair), Martina Doblin (assisting), Rosa Figueroa, Ian Jenkinson, Shauna Murray, Lorena Duran Riveroll

Tasks: Oversee the proposed or existing publications of the Society (Harmful Algae News affiliation, journal affiliation, conference proceedings, ISSHA website, special publications)


• Review suitability of proposed material to become an ISSHA publication.

• Special support to the edition of Conference Proceedings.

• Support ISSHA Secretary in the compilation of attractive dissemination material for the web site.

10. ISSHA website

Chair and members: Elin Lindehoff (Chair), Wayne Litaker, Carolin Peter, Vera Trainer, Dedmer Van de Waal, Steffaney Wood (advisor)

Tasks: Web design and maintenance


• Keep the website up to date and alive

• Post news and relevant information on the web site

• Receive posts from the community and place them on the web site

• Interact with Council members, in particular with the Publications and Dissemination Chair to compile interesting material for the website

11. Ad hoc Committee on Special Projects

Chair and members: H. Enevoldsen (Chair), Yasmine Bottein, Lorena Duran Riveroll, Dedmer Van de Waal

Tasks: Support and implement research projects and programs linked to the study of harmful algae; Encourage the participation and training of students in the study of harmful algae


The Ad hoc Committee on Special Projects is taking care of projects and activities proposed by members. The Committee will assess if ISSHA can engage and present proposals to the Council and or General Assembly. Any member of ISSHA may contact the Committee to investigate how and if ISSHA can be engaged in a project or activity. New initiatives are welcome. The activities have included Young Investigator Speed Networking (make sure ISSHA benefits are discussed at the networking!), GlobalHAB Status Report, HAB-MAP project.