The Maureen Keller Student Award for best student presentations at ICHA

Students are the future of the Society, and ISSHA wish to promote their contributions during the ICHA.

The name of this award was given to honor Dr Maureen Keller (1954-1999), from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (USA), for her contribution to the ecology and physiology of harmful algal species and her dedication to laboratory cultures during her short career.

The Maureen Keller Award is given to outstanding graduate student oral and poster communications at the ICHA. Conference participants are chosen in advance to review students' presentations. The evaluations are processed by the ISSHA Awards Committee and awardees are announced during the ICHA closing ceremony.

The presentations are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Clearly stated hypothesis or objective
  2. Scientific merit and originality
  3. Coherence (logical relations of intro, data, conclusions)
  4. Intelligibility (selection of important points to present, brevity, accuracy, and clarity of expression)
  5. Presentation (appearance, layout, clarity)

Below is a list of past ISSHA Achievement awardees.

2018: Marc Long, Juan Fernández Zabala, Océane Reale, and Wai Mun Lum
2016: Alexis Fisher, Jacqueline Jerney, Marc Long and Suema Branco
2014: Amanda Neilen, Andreas Seger, Wittaya Tawong, Sara Harðardóttir and Marina Pančić
2012: Bum Soo Park, Hannah E. Blossom, Theresa K. Hattenrath Lehmann and Thanh-Luu Pham
2010 (14th ICHA): Jillian G. Johnson, Lasse Tor Nielsen, Victoria Hewlett and Heidi Hällfors
2008 (13th ICHA): Shi Hong, Iris Baula, Laura Escalera, Veronica Lundgren
2006 (12th ICHA): Tilman J. Alpermann, Katherine Hubbard and Jabulani R. Gumbo
2004 (11th ICHA): Karen Arthur, Nicholas Touzet, Patricia Blair and Pauliina Uronen
2002 (10th ICHA): Jens Dahlmann and Jonathan R. Deeds
2000 (9th ICHA): Kathi Lefebre, Lizeth Botes, David Seaborn, Torstein Tengs and Judy Baker

Donations to achievement awards can be made on the ISSHA Donate Page.