Nominations for ISSHA Executive and Council Members

Elections 2021

Nominations are invited for candidates to stand for election/re-election to the Executive Committee (Officers) and the Council of the International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (ISSHA). Nominations may be made by any current ISSHA member, including the nominee, and should specify the position concerned (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer or Ordinary Council Member). Written consent of the prospective candidate should always accompany the nomination. Nominations from Asia are encouraged, because this part of the world has many ISSHA members but is poorly represented in the Council. 

Also, early career professionals are encouraged to apply, especially for the Student Representative position that is currently held by Steffaney Wood.

The student representative will assist with web postings and sending messages to the ISSHA community.  In acknowledgement of the help provided by the Student Representative, this person will receive free registration to the next ISSHA Conference in 2023 in Hiroshima, Japan.

The Council is the heart beat of ISSHA and the glue that helps keep our amazing HAB community together.  Members of the Council make decisions about International Conferences on the Study of Harmful Algae, student support for conferences, collaborations with other organizations, achievement awards and more.  Please nominate yourself or a colleague to bring your voice into this amazing organization.

The composition of ISSHA Executive and Council following the 2018 elections is as follows. The Officers and Council members denoted with an asterisk would like to stand for re-election:


Executive Officers

President: Vera Trainer (USA)          

1st Vice-President: Po Teen LIM (Malaysia)*

2nd Vice President: Wayne LITAKER (USA) *

Secretary: Elin LINDEHOFF (Sweden)*     

Treasurer: Nina LUNDHOLM (Denmark)*

Past President: Beatriz REGUERA (Spain)   stepping down


Council Members

Ana AMORIN (Portugal)       stepping down

Aurelia TUBARO (Italy)*

Christine BAND-SCHMIDT (Mexico)*

Esther GARCÉS (Spain)*

Dedmer VAN DE WAAL (Netherlands)*

Henrik ENEVOLDSEN (Denmark)*

Ian JENKINSON (China, France)*

Ingrid SASSENHAGEN (France, Germany)*

Keith DAVIDSON (United Kingdom)           stepping down

Marta ESTRADA (Spain)      stepping down

Philipp HESS (France)*

Luiz MAFRA (Brazil)*

Ichiro IMAI (Japan)*

Shauna MURRAY (Australia)*

Steffaney WOOD, Student Representative (Finland)- willing to stay as mentor


We thank those Council members who are stepping down for their dedication to ISSHA over the years. For Executive Officers, the ISSHA Council and Members decided by email vote in February 2018 to allow members to serve three terms (instead of two) before being ineligible to seek re-election. According to ISSHA’s statutes, all the executive officers can be re-elected, after nomination, for another term (2 years).

Nominations should be sent to the secretary Elin Lindehoff ([email protected]). Please include a photo and a half page biosketch of the nominee. Example biosketches can be found at

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 15 September, 2021. Candidate profiles will be placed on the ISSHA website prior to the election which will be held online from 1-11 October 2021.  Voting will begin at 6 am on 1 October and will close at 12 pm on 11 October 2021 in La Paz, Mexico (-6 h GMT).  The winners will be announced at the ISSHA General Assembly meeting, scheduled for the evening of 11 October 2021 in La Paz Mexico.

Finally, the Student Registration Fee Award to cover student registration fees for the 2021 International Conference on Harmful Algae has been extended through 30 June 2021.  Qualified students, please find more information on how to submit your applications here.

Thank you all for your help in making ISSHA a success!


Most sincerely,

Vera Trainer

ISSHA President